Diamondback Explorer

Ship: The Fokkest Uppest flown by CMDR Alec Turner

Entry entry 17 in Turbo Hour     

Ship: Acieed! flown by CMDR <-LightSpeed->

Ship: Black Riband flown by CMDR furrycat

Entry entry 41 in The Black Riband

Ship: Black Maria flown by CMDR Samwell Drakhyr

Entry entry 103 in Buckey Ball Raleigh     

Ship: Tuna Can flown by CMDR Inodoro Pereyra

Entry entry 341 in Poisson d'avril     

Ship: Maiden Voyage flown by CMDR Milner

Entry entry 357 in Poisson d'avril     

Entry entry 373 in Poisson d'avril     

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